Linear Video Coding and Transmission schemes for next generation video applications
VCIP 2022 Tutorial, 13th December, Suzhou, China

Expected audience and learning objectives

This tutorial is accessible to any attendee of VCIP, by putting in perspective the traditional coding and transmission approaches and the LVCT schemes. The tutorial is suitable for both graduate students, and professors as well as engineers and researchers that may be interested in one or both of the following aspects: video coding, adaptation, and transmission aspects. For instance, the tutorial will let the audience discover the LVCT paradigm on several aspects: perceived quality, (e.g., nature of the artifacts different from traditional approaches), encoding and transmission process (e.g., pseudo-analog modulation), hardware implementation, use-cases, etc. Besides, this tutorial is accessible to students/non-specialists in video processing/communications. Indeed, “basics” knowledge on conventional video compression/transmission as well as video quality evaluation (subjective and objective) will be disseminated along the tutorial.

Learning objectives: From this tutorial, the participants will better understand the design principles and concepts behind the LVCT schemes that emerged over the last decade with a focus on the pioneer architecture: SoftCast as well as recent works. The tutorial will put in perspective conventional video coding and transmission architectures and the LVCT architectures. This will help the audience with different backgrounds to learn the recent progresses in this new and emerging research area.