Linear Video Coding and Transmission schemes for next generation video applications
VCIP 2022 Tutorial, 13th December, Suzhou, China

Outline of the tutorial

The tutorial lasts for 3 hours and follows the outline presented below:

● Part I (25mn): Introduction
  o More and More challenging application contexts
  o Current challenges (High Video quality, Low Latency, Mobility)
  o Classical solutions/mechanisms for these use-cases
  o Alternative: Towards a graceful degradation with LVCT
  o Outline of the tutorial

● Part II (95mn): Baseline LVCT scheme: SoftCast
  o Introduction: Issues with conventional digital schemes
  o Detailed description of the SoftCast LVCT architecture
  o Quality analysis of the LVCT architectures
     ▪ Theoretical analysis
     ▪ Introduction of the visual artifacts
     ▪ Video quality evaluation
  o Main variants of the SoftCast LVCT solution

● Break (~15min)

● Part III (20mn): SDR-based Hardware implementations
  o From simulation to real implementation
  o Current implementation and issues

● Part IV (25mn): Current research challenges
  o Improving the coding efficiency (towards hybrid digital-analog schemes)
  o Reducing the latency
  o Channel adaptation